Photo Credit: Parenting.comI soooo needed this tonite. 

I feel like a moose.  Often. And seeing this was a shock...but also a SMILE.

Nothing is better than seeing a woman sharing REAL life.

That's why I'm a REAL mom in the media! hahaha.

I laugh..but seriously love it. 

Cause it's so awesome to see someone being real.


Then they shared a sight that I have TOTALLY bookmarked!!!!!!

The Shape of a Mother.  Now, some might be mortified by the pics on the site.  As they are VERY graphic..and NOT photoshopped.

But it makes me feel better.  I suffered awful postpartum-and during that time, I was (and still am) MORTIFIED about my body.  I feel so ugly...fat...miserable. 

And to see REAL women is what it's about.

What do you think?