We have been watching movies like crazy lately.  Maybe because now Boston can really sit through them and he enjoys them.  (And maybe because my iPad is a LIFESAVER!! lol)

Yahoo! Shine had a great list up of movies great for kids in the winter time that I thought I would share!  Most of them we've seen-but you know how kids LOVE to see movies over and over!!  And the penguin ones are a total no brainer in our house.  =)


"March of the Penguins"

This touching film follows the arduous real-life journey of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. During the course of a year, the penguins undergo repeated marches across the darkest and coldest place on earth all in the name of sacrifice for their young.




"Happy Feet"

We can’t get enough of Emperor Penguins! In a world where penguins find their soul mates through song, Mumble is born the worst singer in the world. His smooth tap dancing moves save him and ultimately lead him to his true love. This ultra-cute kid flick will have you and your kids dancing up a winter storm.





"The Snowy Day"

This beautifully adapted moving storybook from the award-winning children's book author, Ezra Jack Keats, is the perfect film for your toddlers. When Peter discovers a world of white outside his window, his perfect day unfolds with the simple pleasures of sticks and snow-laden trees. This may be the inspiration you need to go outside and make snow angels with your kids.  ((It's JUST like the book that you read to your kids often!))






"Home Alone"

An eight-year old boy named Kevin accidentally gets left behind by his family who flies to France for the holidays. During their departure, Kevin has to fend for himself and defend his home against foolish burglars by setting up various homemade booby traps. Your kids can fantasize, if only for 103 minutes, about what it’s like to be left home alone. This oldie but goodie is best for elementary school kids as it may scare some of the youngins.


"The Polar Express"

For anybody who can relate to anxiously awaiting the sound of Santa's sleigh, "The Polar Express" takes us on a ride through our wildest imaginations. This movies actually lives up to the classic book and the stunning visuals will entertain both parents and kids alike.

"Frosty the Snowman"

In a time when 3D is the norm, sometimes simple is good. Revisit your own childhood with your kids with this classic tale of a snowman coming to life. No glasses and exorbitant ticket prices required.


"Ice Age"

Join a sloth, a woolly mammoth, and everyone's favorite squirrel named Scrat on a quest to return a lost human infant to his tribe. The journey of these three Paleolithic mammals is met by treacherous ice caves, freezing temperatures and of course…a secret evil plot. (Ice Age 3 is a good skip.)