Done with The Duggars.


Let me just start out by telling you that I'm actually in a really good mood.

But I have to tell ya.. I'm DONE with the Duggars.

That family REALLY gets under my skin.


I'm a Christian.  I proudly believe what I believe.  But I can't stand it when others push their beliefs on others. It makes me NUTS.  I remember as a kid....the baptist church in my town would send a van to pick me up for Sunday school.  No matter whether I had plans to go or not.  it BUGGED me.  Big TIME.  Even my own mom was confused on why they did that.  Eventually they stopped.

You can't force it on people. When I meet someone who's shoving their beliefs in my face-I feel like flipping them off!

I know.  Very Christian-like of me, right? hahaha.

But seriously.  I feel like those people are a fake.  They are insecure in their beliefs so that they want the rest of the world around them to think they are Godly.

And the Duggars?  

Please.  You can't tell me that those kids aren't going to end up in therapy someday.

There is NO WAY they can actually 'parent' 19 kids.  

Not to mention-have a relationship with each one of them.

I was pseudo-ok with Jon & Kate Plus 8.  But 19?!?!?!?  That's just ASININE.

And here I am.  Someone who has one beautiful child.  And can't get pregnant with #2.  

I will someday.  And if I don't?  That's totally ok.  Cause I have the world in one.  

My heart breaks for women who can't ever have kids or even experience life without being a mother.

I'm not one of those 'poor me-pity please' people about not getting #2 yet.  I have absolutely no problem talking about it.  Especially when someone (which happens DAILY) asks me 'When are you having #2? Are you going to have any more kids?  You're not getting any younger!'

Yeah-lady.  I'm not.  But I'm also not pregnant because it just hasn't happened.  

But there are women who would lose a limb to be able to experience life as a mother.

And this broad has 19?!?!?!

That woman needs to wrap those ovaries up and call it a day.  And FOCUS in the present and BE present in the lives of her 19 other kids, ya know?!?!?!

Totally all my opinion.  

But please give me better news than her miscarriage.  I mean come on. 

I'm not trying to be insensitive about miscarriage.  I really am not.  It's awful.  Heartbreaking.  Depressing.

But I get fiery when I read anything about that family.

I mean come on.  Bump the Duggars.  Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos leaked.