I few months back I got invited to a blogger lunch to talk about the launch of PeaPod in Philadelphia.

When we lived in Chicago, I saw them all over the place.  I actually used them one time cause I lived up 8 flights of stairs with no elevator and was lazy!! ha.  TRUTH be told.

I finally got the chance to use the $100 gift card that they generously gave us.  

Here are my thoughts.

-- It is PERFECT for a mom with little children. (I KNOW all too well how hard it is to cart those carseats and babies in and out!!!)

-- BUSY working family?  Great.  It will definitely make life easier for you!

-- Sick, injured or elderly?  PERFECT.  I remember when I had my C-section and no one around to help I could have definitely used a delivery service.  Getting out of the house was the LAST thing i wanted to do.  I also picture elderly.  Bless their stores are insane for ME..I can't imagine what a busy day for them might be like.  

-- HATE grocery shopping?  PERFECT.  Definitely not something I LOVE to do.  But, somebody has to do it in my house!  I loved this because I can't stand finding spices that I need for a recipe.  And I have a recipe that needed weird spices.  So I put it in the search bar and WHAM.

-- They accept coupons!  THAT is a biggie for many.  

Here's how they do it:

-- You put in your order and they shipped it from Maryland to my area-OVER NIGHT!  Which I thought was pretty wild.  But hey-it works, I guess!

-- They can text or email you 'when you're next' in delivery, 'when your driver is there' and the window for delivery.

-- The driver arrives with your groceries-then you sign for it.  I had one thing on my list that was out of stock.  (I actually need to follow up and see that they took it off my credit card....)

-- If you can't be home in time for delivery-then they have window times avail where the driver can drop off in refrigerated bags.

I ordered just basics.  And a good amount of fresh fruit/veggies because I wanted to see how 'fresh' they would be.  And they were!

It's DEFINITELY worth it.  I loved it.  

Would I use it again?  Yeah.  I will!  Especially since the next 60 days I get free delivery.  

The delivery charge is a bit of a pain.  Approx. $10.  But it can also be worth it for you too!


Get $15 OFF your order & free delivery for 60 days!

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