12 Things to Start

Doing for YOURSELF.


Here goes.  Oh hell.  I was trying HARD to avoid it.  I mean...come on.  It's 40 minutes until midnight.  Could I procrastinate any more?!?!?!?

I hate these damn lists.  They NEVER work.  They do the 'night / day of' but after that?!?!? Sayanora.

So let's get on with this so that I can be snoring by midnight.

 I might have bitched mentioned a few times to my husband today what a boring life we had.  That we use to go out and not only party-but BE THE LIFE of the party...That I miss my 20s.....that I feel like a part of me died... 


Poor guy.  No wonder he gave me $100 and shoved escorted me out the door to shop before everything closed.  If that was me-I'd have done the same thing to him! ha. (Although, he'd have to get his own money cause I'm broke! lol)

Anyway-I'm running out of time-let's get moving.  

Here's the deal.  Resolutions are CRAP.  I'm old enough to know that I SUCK at them.

So here are some things I'm going to start doing for MYSELF.  I saw these on a site I LOVE to enjoy...I'm sharing them with you in hopes that maybe it sparts something in you.


12 Things to Start Doing for YOURSELF.


Start spending time with the right people. – I get sucked into the 'wrong things' very easily.  This past year was awesome in this.  I kicked BUTT at getting OFF my butt and surrounding myself with people that are good for me.  I avoid the toxicity of life and put my foot down on what I felt was right in my heart.  (So much so that when my husband said 'do you really think you should be going to ANOTHER conference? I'd flip him the bird and be out the door. hahaha.  It was my refueling that gave me the strenght to go hard for what I believe in.)  

Start facing problems head on. – Lord have mercy.  I swear.  ONE of these days my college education will get paid off!!!  Ugh.  After getting my identity stolen a few years ago-I've gotten very half ass at being on top of things.  Mainly because I have that 'I'm already screwed' mentality.  And in reality-how is it going to get better if I keep running from it?!!?!?

Start being honest with yourself. – Yep. MAJOR accomplishment there this past year in 2011.  I got HONEST with myself.  That's a biggie in life.  Cause if you can't be honest with yourself...who can you be honest with?  I looked at a lot of things head on.  And when I started doing that-the world began turning in my direction again.

Ahem.  I still have a few things that I can't look eye to eye with yet.  But baby steps, people.

Make happiness a priority. – Oh yeah.  My little Teo, Mexico trip got me refocused on that one.  I was told a quote that made me go a ha.  'Forgive me for using you to hurt myself.'  

Whoa.  DEEP.

Start being yourself.  And OWN it. – Another Teoism.  'Start being who you really are.  Not what everyone else expects you to be.'  Embrace that person who you really are.  The one you were born with before all the 'matrix' in this word warped it.  Be the best version of you.  And when you are in an experience where you just can't put your heart into it-take yourself OUT!  

Live in the present. – Go me for already working on this one.  Cause I know that this moment is a miracle.  I've really felt in my heart the past few months moments where I can honestly say I've barely thought of being who I 'use to be' than living as who I am right now.  THIS MOMENT.  I do it with my son too.  I put it away and get down to his level.  We talk about such awesome things that I'm so proud to hear.  He's amazing.  And I'm living in the present everytime I'm with him.

Be nicer to yourself. – Huh?  I know.  Same as what I thought.  Gotta love who you are.  Or no one else will.  "If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?  The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others."

Create your own happiness. – You'll NEVER be happy if you are waiting on someone else to make you happy.  I'm definitely kicking ass on this one too.  I mean, how many times can I be upset at my husband cause I need his love and affection to be happy?  Boohoo, i tell ya.  

Compete against an earlier version of yourself. – WELL DUH!  What a brilliant way to look at it.  Aim to break your own personal records.  I can't even BEGIN to admit how many times I've been jealous of MYSELF.  The way I 'use to be'.  Screw that.  I'm gonna kick that old me ass out of the ballpark.   

Be more open about how you feel. – Yeah.  Don't hold that in for too long.  I know this is so super crude.  But ya know when you have a 'gas bubble' and you hold it in?  It begins to hurt, right?  Yeah.  Don't let it simmer too long without...ahem...easily letting it out.  =)

Start taking full accountability for your own life. – Make a mistake?  OWN IT.  A choice you're not too proud of?  OWN IT.  You are the ONLY ONE who can directly control the outcome of your life.  ((Ouch.  That one is gonna be a stinger.))

Concentrate on the things you can control and not the things you can't. – Pretty self explanatory.  But hard to admit.  You know how insane I get in my house when my husband doesn't do something I ask him at least 1,000 times to do?  Yeah.  I can't control what he's not doing.  Nor is he EVER going to change.  Therefore, it's wasted energy on something I can't control.  I can change my thoughts on it.  ((Then knock him out when he doesn't do it. ahem. hahaha Just kidding.)) 

What are you planning to start doing for yourself this new year?

Let's start together......