My Gifts.

I know.

I'm here.  And sad.  Again.

It seems to bring on after every single visit with my family.

I mean...the last time I saw them it took me how long to get over?

In fact.  In reality.  The last time I saw them I became so nostalgic that I actually went driving around my old hometown feeling the warmth that the little country roads embraced me in.

I get it all the time. 'Enjoy the moments you have.'  

I get that. 

And I do.

But damnit.  I can't help but feel the sadness when we depart.

I do it everytime.  

At least it's consistent, right?  =)

No matter what.


Even in 2009 I expressed the sadness of parents leaving.

I've come to the realization that the reason for my sadness is fear that I may never see them again.

I know how lucky I really am.  That I have been blessed with so many years of sharing life with them.

My dad can barely walk.  That scares me.  He has issues with his leg in which the nerves cut off and he can't pick it up when he walks.  He said that the surgery is outpatient.  That he just has to 'do it'.  But yet he doesn't take action on his health.

I know.  I'm the pot calling the kettle black.

My country fam! Thanks hubby for taking the pic...But he's pretty bad about it.  

It was so awesome to see him play with Boston and his gifts.  Santa actually gave Boston a GI Joe Paratrooper Toy.  My dad (who was a Green Beret in the army) loved it more than Boston, I think! ha

I had a gift for both my mom and dad that was a 'share gift' with Boston.  Something fun that they both could enjoy while they were here.  Of course though...Boston had to keep the toys.  

K'NEX Insanity!My dad and Boston got the GI JOE and my mom and Boston got a Paper Jamz Pro Mic.  They were funny.  My mom & "B" sang all weekend long!  I have a corner filled with these silly, fun dancing, holiday toys and they love to dance and play every single one of them together!

Pretty fun.  Even though my mom embarassed the heck out of me growing up...I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously. And knows how to have fun with her grandkids.  Especially mine.  =)  

My dad got Boston this K'Nex thing.  Ahem.  He said he saw it in a glass case in a store and thought it looked 'cool'.  Ahem.  Did he read that it was for ages 9 and up?  And our kid is 3 1/2?!?!?!?!  

Lucky for him though...even though my mom and I cussed him putting the 672 pieces together at 2am on Christmas Eve...ahem.  My mom and I bonded.  

It was a great time.  Only sad thing about it?  Was too short.  I wish they could have stayed for another week.

Wonder what hubby would say about that! husband.  What a TROOPER! ha.  It's never easy to have new people invade your space.  Especially when its around the holidays and you're meant to relax during that time.  But he was graceful.  Although you could TOTALLY tell that he was about to jump through his skin Christmas day when my mom and I refused to let him watch football and made him sit through 8 Lifetime Network Movies!! ha

Now let's talk about the gifts....Nice work hubby.  

I was rather surprised. 

He over did it.  But I'm sure glad he did! =) ha.

I got an iPad 2, an adorable calendar to put up in my office...a cool book where I fill in the question/info that tells the story of my life (from Red Envelope) and a canvas print with the sweetest little man in the picture.

I love that kid.  His kindness, grace, love and generosity for a 3 year old is unbelievable.

Thank you, Lord for these great holiday gifts.  They were all wrapped up in their own little way.  And the memories will live on forever.

((Here is a video I put together real quick from our weekend....))