Carpet Cleaning in Philly

Oh. My. Heavens.  

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how embarassed I am about our carpets.  They are sooo bad.  

We haven't had them cleaned in sadly almost a year.  They are spotty and with a dog and 3 year old?

We've got NO CHANCE.

And after the holidays of having guest in our house?  TOTAL EMBARASSMENT.  They are absolutely awful.

Last spring I was fed up with getting taken for a ride by carper cleaners in the Philly area.  ALL were chains that we had used where they quote you one price, then show up and tell you - 'oh that was for the basic cleaning!  To use soap it's $200 more!!'  TOTALLY not cool.  

They have all been chains and quite candidly-they've all SUCKED.  (Pun intended.)

I have to admit that I'm pretty anal about customer service.  Especially when it comes to things around the house.  For the longest time my husband tends to buy these groupons or random coupons that come into his inbox for carpet cleaning.  

And the man who gets sucked in like a carpet cleaner while walking by the kiosks in the mall gets SUCKED IN BY THE CARPET CLEANERS!!!

Till this last one.  And he has now redeemed himself!

*Impact Carpet Cleaners 'REAL MOM SEAL OF APPROVAL'.  

Jerry, the owner, is a local guy...and not out to drain your wallet!

After he cleaned our carpet-we actually became friends on facebook!  That's how great I thought he was.  

You know me.  When someone: a brand or business deserves applause-I'm the first to blog, tweet or tag them on facebook.  =)

They're great.  They pretty much can clean it all.  And they hit all of the surrounding areas from NJ to Philly and the burbs!

AND on top of all that? They can do it THAT DAY!!!  Same day service in most areas.

Be sure to 'LIKE' them on Facebook. Visit their website:

Get the NEW YEAR started out with a NEW looking carpet!  (I know I am....Goodbye Cheetos Stains! lol)


DISCLOSURE:  THEY DID NOT PAY FOR THIS POST!!  I'm sharing this with you because that is my DUTY as a money spending mama.  =)  Tell Jerry hi when you talk to him!