Christmas Eve

Santa, I Believe!

i know.  I shouldn't be online.  Nor should I be blogging for that matter.

But I just feel so nostalgic tonite.  

Yes.  You're eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

It is nearly 3am.

But as I sit here and see the beautiful scenery and ponder why on Earth I put together this insane thinga - ma - gingy?!?!?!

Yeah.  That's why I'm up at 3am.

Last Christmas I had a late night Train Session.  Santa left Boston as very cool train. Ahem.  But had mommy put the dang thing together. 

My parents are in visiting from St. Louis.  And I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it has been so far.  

To see my little dude love every single second with them.

My husband has been amazing.  Kind, loving....patient.

It really has been a holiday dream come true.  And I'm ever so grateful for the biggest of all.

The birth of Christ.

I believe. 

And my eyeballs are dripping.  

Time for bed.

Marry Christmas....