This is great.   I absolutely LOVE this site!  

The holidays can be seriously stressful.  But if you don't take life so seriously and be a little 'stupid' sometimes-you might enjoy them! ha has come out with the most "Stupid Gifts of 2011".  

They sent me a few and I have to say...I get it. hahaha

Stupid Gift Ideas

Pooping Reindeer SweaterPOOPING REINDEER SWEATER:  Dear heavens.  This is the BEST Ugly Sweater Party Gift EVER!

Or heck-win the contest by buying it for yourself!  ((**NOTE:  By reading the reviews-it's actually a sweatshirt.  But it's STILL funny!))



DASHBOARD POLE DANCER:  Only $10 but how fun would that be to see Grandpa's face when he opens that? I'm so crude. Ahem.

Their description cracks me up.  "Don"t ever drive alone again; bring the club with you everywhere you go."

REMOTE CONTROL AIR SWIMMING SHARK:  I actually saw this super awesome toy at the Toy Fair I went to last spring.  I LOVED it!!  Thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!  I might give it to my husband and let him take it to work.  After all - his employees think he's a shark.   We're gonna test it out on Christmas...I'll let you know what we come up with!


Last but not least is a special honorable mention.  I got this and my family thought it was HYSTERICAL.

I really thing I have a crude personality.  Sorry.  hahaha

DOGGY DOO GAME:  This actually isn't available at but it sure should be!!

I have to tell you-that it can train your kid to take care of the pets.

The Poo when it comes out?  REALLY.SMELLS.LIKE.POO.

I know.  I'm sick.  hahaha

Oh well.  

Here's a video of Boston enjoying the Doggy Doo Game too!


Do you have any funny, stupid, silly holiday gift ideas?