I See Me

Holiday Book Review


I often get the opportunity to review products around the holidays.  

This year-I had to say no thanks to soo many because I was really trying to focus on my holiday gift guide benefitting Cradles to Crayons.

But when the opportunity came to review the I See Me! Holiday Book-I was totally down for it!

Growing up with the name, "Joey" it was always hard to find ANYTHING personalized.  And figuring there aren't many "Boston" named people in the world, my kid is going to suffer from the same thing. lol

So when we got the Very Merry Christmas Board Book I couldn't help but smile.

This book is just beautiful!  The quality is amazing and the colors are so vibrant!

In every corner of the book there are signs with his name on it.  

Board books are the best way to go if you want to give an infant or toddler a book.  There's no question that they like to eat, rip, color, cut-you name it to their books.  And the board books make it that much harder for kids to destroy! haha.  (Dogs, well, that's another story.  AHEM.)

The 'I See Me' Personalized Children's Book Company does other books too.  Holidays like Hanukkah & Baby's First Christmas to Preschool Graduation, Baptism, Adoption and Communion.  It's a great way to give a gift to a child for any occasion.  

Wanna hear something SUPER cool too?  They GUARANTEE 100% their books.  If you buy a book and a page rips or breaks I See Me will remake the book for free and even pay for postage to send t to the kid!  


Not many companies, that's for sure.  

So what is my review on this book?  LOVE IT.

Gorgeous, bright, sturdy, meaningful & rare.  Get it!