Three Years Going on 30.

Oy.  What a week.

And it went by sooo fast.

As I sit here trying to wrap up my 'online-ness' for the little dude is sleeping.

I can't even begin to tell you how big he's gotten.  He's growing so fast.  It seems like by the minute.

He's 3 1/2 years old now.  

Although time is flying so fast there are things my husband and I still hold onto.

Him sleeping in our bed.

UGH!  I KNOW! WHAT DID WE DO?!?!?!?! ha.  

It makes me nuts.  If only I could take a picture of what it looks like with 3 people in our bed!  Ugh!  My husband snores like a freight train and my child sleeps sideways.  So here I am pulled tightly to the right side of the bed and if someone were to barely tip me?  I'd roll off!

But at the same time...when in the middle of the night I hear the little pitter patter in the hallway and the tug on my cover...I smile with my eyes closed.  Even sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night and I hear him running to our bedroom I like to just lay there.  And make him have to 'work' for me. 

Yes, I smile in my sleep.  (Mainly cause I'm ornery.)  But also because I just melt at the steps it takes for him to earn his keep into our castle.

It's like a ritual, ya know?  Like a secret code to enter the passageway.

He tugs on my cover with hopes that I'll open my eyes.  Then he pauses.  I hear some panting.  Then tugs again.  Then the faint 'mommy'.  'Mommy' a second time.  And then just when I'm about to crack, he'll put his hand on my cheek ever so softly.

So I stop again.  And since I love that warm hand...I make him work even a little more.

Then I get a whisper in my ear.  "Mommy".  

But when the final kiss comes to my cheek or hand? I'm a goner.

Within seconds I whisk that little booger in between my covers.

And you can call me a SUCKER again.

Maybe that's a trait I've endured my entire life with the male species.

Not that a little schmoozing would give them the privilege to whisk in between my covers.  But that those sweet little things they've done got them one step closer to the key to my heart.

I swear.  This kid tops the cake.  For reals.

He could be the biggest pain in the butt but when he turns on that charm?


Why just last night he did it.  My husband has been working his tail off and hasn't been home much so last night when I picked him up from school I took him to Burger King for dinner.  (YES.  I KNOW.  CRAP FOOD.)  But the kid loves to play in the little playland there.  So I do it once in a while.  Especially if he's drugged up with so much energy he's outta control!

While we were there, I got a throbbing toothache that was really pretty paralyzing.  I tried to not think about it so that he could enjoy his time playing...but it like took over my entire brain function.  (The toothache story you can see here.  I'm sucking in that world right now!)  But I said to him that my tooth was hurting and that mommy really needed to get going.  He asked if he could have one more time-(one trip around the slides) and I already felt guilty for leaving as fast as we had just gotten there. So after one trip he came up and said 'ok mommy, let's go home so you can feel better.'


In the car ride home he said 'Mommy, what's a toothache?' and I told him that it happens when you don't brush your teeth and if you eat too much candy or drink too much strawberry milk!!  Kind of the truth.  

I DO brush my teeth, by the way-thank you very much.  

I was trying to get him to understand that you have to take care of your mouth to not get toothaches.

So down the rode a bit, we sang holiday songs to pass the time away-then out of the blue I got an ache reminder that the ache was still there.  So I said out loud 'Oh buddy-I have a toothache.'

His response?  'Well mommy, if you'd just brush your teeth you won't have that problem!'

Be careful what you wish for.

Happy weekend.