25 LB Chocolate Santa!

Edwards Freeman

Nut Company


Let me just get this out there.  TRUTH BE TOLD.

I don't ever need a reason to hit up an awesome candy store.

But everyone can use a little sweetness around the holidays, ya know?!?!?!

When we moved to Philadelphia a few years ago, we lived in Conshohocken until we had the time to figure out where we wanted to Holiday Baking Sprinklesplant ourselves.  Near our apartment, one day I came across the coolest place ever!  It was like a kids' dream come true.  Ok.  Since I'm being honest all around.  It was a pregnant womans dream come true too!!

When I walked in the door at Edwards Freeman Nut Company, it was like the Red Sea had parted.  Like I was Wonka and landed in a chocolate factory.  The angels were singing.  The bells were ringing.  And I was in total heaven.

Candy Galore!This place is Candyland!

So this past week I visited them again because every holiday I go in there to get my dad nuts.  I also LOVE seing their display of holiday treats.  (WHO wouldn't want a 25 pound CHOCOLATE Santa?!?!?!  This thing is AWESOME!)  

My neighbor Rob owns the store-and I always bump into him there.  He probably thinks I'm the biggest junky of all time.  

I always get warm fuzzies when I'm in there thinking about when I was a kid and my dad use to take me to the Five And Dime Store to get penny candy.

Granted...there's no such thing as penny candy anymore. ha. But there are some really awesome treats to explore at great prices in this store.

What you should know about

Edwards Freeman Nut Company:


-- It is a bakers DREAM!  Seriously.  There are a zillion sprinkle designs to choose from.  If you're looking for holiday sprinkles, crushed peppermint or any other specific holiday mix-they have a whole section for those.  Plus they have another section of just colored sprinkles.  Every holiday, they have specific sprinkles for them.  It's awesome!  Plus they have a zillion different extracts and other baking products.  From Vanilla to Almond and all things in between.  The baking section rocked. 

Colorful Melting Chocolates-- Need chocolate chips for melting?  They have every color to choose from.  They're great for fondue or any other baking with melted chocolates!

-- NUTS insanity!  You name it.  They have it. Cashews, pecans, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts...mixed nuts!  They then have butter toffee, salted, unsalted, honey roasted, roasted...YOU NAME IT!  It's the wildest thing I've ever seen.  

Nostalgic Holiday Candy-- Looking for novelty candy like wax lips or gummies?  They have them all!  Not to mention 20 different kinds of gummies!

-- Dried & Glazed Fruits.  I've always been a fan of dried fruits.  But this place trumphs any lowsy packaged dried fruits.  From dried banana chips to crystallized ginger...they have it all!  (My fave from there is the milk chocolate glazed apricots. DEAR HEAVENLY DRIED FRUIT DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE!)

-- Pet Treats.  Yes. I know. Huh?  But they have a small assorment of pet treats taht you're animal will LOVE!  Rocky loves me more when I visit the Nut Company!

FLAVORED PEANUT BUTTER!-- Love Peanut Butter?  Hello people.  You have GOT to get in there for that!  They have NUT BUTTER galore!  From Almond Butter to Cashew Butter and even flavored peanut butters like Butterscotch & Cappucino Peanut Butter!  YUMMMM!

*Plus, they MAKE their OWN peanut butter!  The smell is amazing.  

I seriously try NOT to come here often.  Because I always walk out with insane amounts of dreamy treats that we don't need in our house.  Because I have NO self control on this stuff!!!!

(Hence.  I'm salivating over that peanut butter right now.)

What is Edwards Freeman great for:

-- Bakers

-- Children

-- Unique Gifts

-- Nut lovers

-- Family Get Togethers

Anyone who loves candy, nuts, baking, entertaining, snacking & more!

Check them out at their website www.EdwardsFreeman.com.