Strasburg Railroad

Holiday Review


There really is no better way to see Santa than on a train!

This past weekend my little family rolled our post-Thanksgving selves out the door and took a trip to Lancaster, PA again to take on a train ride with the jolly man of the season, SANTA!!

Boston is at such a fun age to really enjoy Santa.  He 'gets' it.  Everyday he says 'Mom, is it still Christmas?' and we JUST started the season! ha.  

It's kind of like our 50 mile ride to Strasburg Railroad that my husband and I endured with a 3 year old.

'No Boston.  We're not there yet!'

I'm such a believer in the season.  I get all warm and fuzzy around Santa.  Maybe because that's what my mom taught me.  

When we arrived we got our tickets and went for a quick visit around the grounds before our train came. 

I ran to the bathroom and when I returned to meet my family, Boston was getting off the cranky cars.  It was so cute to see his little smile light up.  'Look Mommy!'  Totally the little things in life, isn't it? 

We stumbled upon Mrs. Claus and took in a cute little holiday story in her own special car.

After her story, she gave Boston a couple little candy canes and off we went to get a seat on our train.

Santa was actually outside the train and we walked up to him.  That's where I snapped the first pic.  Last year Boston wanted NOTHING to do with the guy-but this year he loved every second of it!  It was sweet.  He told Santa that he wanted a train for Christmas.  (Um, if you only saw how many trains we already have!!!)

We hopped on the train and off we went on our ride.  It was CRAZY warm that day!  So we opened the window and got to enjoy the breeze.  

It was a great family memory for the 2nd year in a row.  

Here is a quick video my husband took when Santa was coming around.  Um. Boston.  Sleep in your OWN bed. lol:

Check out his video from last year!

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