Hartstrings Holiday HaulReview: Hartstrings Holiday Haul

Ok. I'm SOOO bummed that my video cam didn't work!  Ugh.  Story of my day.

It wasn't ALL that bad though.  

It actually was a great day..but a lot of technical difficulties. lol

Anyway, today we hit up Lancaster Outlets.  

Yes.  On Black Friday.  Gulp.  I know.

It actually wasn't all that bad!

I'm an outlet mall LOVER big time.  So having the opportunity to review my all time fave kids store was a double whammy for me today.

Upon arrival-Everything in the store was 50% off with an ADDITIONAL 20% off at checkout!  

Now, Hartstrings prices are not cheap.  But just like anything in life.  You get what you pay for, ya know?

Boston is at an age/size now when I never really know what size to get him.  I'm notorious for buying things too big.  (That's not all bad though, cause then when the season changes, I have a drawer full of NEW clothes for him!  Wahoo!) 

This trip though-I had to get this adorable reindeer sweater that fit him for right now.  The price tag said $58.  But with the hefty discount it was worth it!  Totally!  I also got him 2 pair of adorable shorts that will stud him up this summer.  A green plaid and a blue pair with the cutest little green whales on them!  LOVE that!!!

I have to admit...there were some other clothes that I fell in love with-but their sizes were limited.  So I couldn't them.  This stage in his growth is so awkward!  He goes from a 4T to a 4.  But barely.  

But I did happen to find an ADORABLE pair of jeans for him.  Hartstrings has a fantastic selection of jeans for boys.  They are so well put together too.  

I also got him a cute Puma warmup suit.  I'm a total blue junky and even though he doesn't have my blue eyes-he sure looks great in that color too!

Another confession.....

I wish I had a little girl.

Cause they have the CUTEST little girl clothes!!!  ((Sigh)).  Maybe next time.  =)

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My total purchase was $94.  

Not bad for the great quality of adorable clothes I got for him!

Can't wait to put that adorable red reindeer sweater on him..  

Happy Holiday Hauling to you and your family!!

xoxoxoxo - Joey


Disclosure:  I was given a gift card to facilitate this review.  But as always my opinions can't be 'bought'.  In other words..they are MY thoughts.  =)