I have been meaning to do this for sooo long.  And what better day to do it than Thanksgiving Morning!

And yes.  I'm thankful for a LOT.  But in my 'minor list of thankfuls' I have my tasty Nespresso machine there. 

So here's my thoughts:

Nespresso Review:

-- I love it.

--   Unfortunately, I noticed they don't sell ours anymore!  Strange.  I have the 'middle sized one'.  Cause having the milk 'frother' was the ONLY reason I bought it.  

-- The aren't cheap.  They range from $249 to $799.  If I remember correctly, ours was about $300 (I had a coupon.)  

-- The capsules you have to buy from Nespresso aren't cheap.  Think about it though.  I spent an average of $4 for a coffee at Starbucks.  That's $20 a week.  That's over a $1000 a year!!  Geez.  That's insane.  The capsules run around 60 cents.  It's worth it. Bottom Line.

-- You have to order it and have them delivered.  You can't just 'buy the capsules' at the store.  That is a pain in the arse.  Especially if you run out and you're dying for a cup.

-- The taste is BETTER than Starbucks.  Don't tell my younger sister I said that.  She is a manager there.  Oopsie. lol

-- There is a huge array of flavors to choose from.

-- They don't sell ours anymore.  I know.  I already said that.  But that's a major dealbreaker!!  The frother is the best.  If you want to invest in the BIG BIG one....then you're good to go.  But that's a LOT of money.  


Yes.  I love our machine.  No.  I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have a frother.  But I looked at Keurig and all the other options and just didn't like them like this.  I'm a coffee snob.  I thought those others taste was cheap.  So, if you don't care about your coffee-then by all means get any of those other ones cheaper.  BUT-if you are a connoisseur of coffee-then GET THIS!!!  Worth it.

**FYI-we paid for this 100%.  It wasn't a freebie.  But I really thought I'd share my thoughts!