NEST Winter Schedule FUN!

A few months back I got the privledge to visit NEST in downtown Philly with some of my mom friends and I have to tell you-THIS PLACE is OUTSTANDING!!


I can't even begin to tell you how annoying it was when Boston was smaller and I went downtown to visit a friend and we had NO WHERE to go to let the kids play while we chatted.

My close compadre Tara Bucci ( and I ended up practically playing in the alleys when we met up! hahaha.  

But after my visit to NEST (where her and I both fell in love)...we found the best place around to meet up!

Well, at that point-they were just opening.  (They opened in August).  So things were still being added to the schedules.

I was completely amazed at the space.  Not only do they have a play space (with the COOLEST shag carpet!!!) but they have an awesome, trendy boutique.  The boutique sucked me in, I tell ya.  I ended up buying the COOLEST pointed backpacks ever! hahah.  ((Just go in and ask for the pointy backpacks-they'll know what you're talking about.  =)

Then I checked out the class space.  And their first round of classes are over-but this next round...the 'winter schedule' is just beginning and let me tell you-they are ONE of a KIND!

Seriously.  Classes like 'Me & My Sous Chef' (cooking), 'Pajama Yoga', 'Karate Kids', and 'Bend it Like Beckham' to name a few.  HOW awesome are those names though?!?!? So creative!

That's what I love about this place.  They definitely aren't some cookie cutter operation.  (Although, you might be using cookie cutters in the Sous Class! lol).  

Starting November 27th-even if you aren't a member of NEST-you can take part in their amazing array of classes offered!

Winter classes begin January 2nd and they go for 12 weeks.  At the end of the semester they've added a week in case you need to do makeup classes.  (That's so rare..but SO awesome!)

Go here to sign up.  And HERE to learn more about Nest and their awesome mom founders when they were on Real Mom Radio with Ben FM!!