Gyno Gone Wild

Gyno Gone Wild

So maybe this falls under the 'you talk too much' or the TMI category.

But after the morning I've had....awe...whatever.

It's not really common knowledge. But I don't 'not' talk about it.  I guess cause it's not really something I'm ashamed of.  Saddened at times....but not ashamed like so many other events that have happened in my life.

My husband and I have attempted in the past 8 months or so to have another kid.  

Baby #2 hopes. 

For some reason...this time around...those little boogers are just not stickin'.

This whole thought process of not being able to conceive has really given me a different respect and retrospect to those that can't..or have to go through all the troubles to get pregnant.

I mean...let's face it.  Boston was a 'night out' in Cape May, Labor Day weekend 2007.

Poor kid.  I know he's gonna freak one day when one of his buddies in high school finds his moms blog and reads that.  

Anyway...I remember it well.  My selfish a** started crying when I found out I was pregnant.  Not that I didn't ever want to have one...but we had JUST gotten married, moved to Philly, got a dog, both started new jobs..who needed yet ANOTHER change that year!?!?!

Guess it was God's way of letting me know I was on HIS terms.  Not my own.

I also think, even though I know God doesn't work this way, that he's partly punishing me now for being such a whiney butt, depressed nutjob after Boston was born.

Yeah.  I say all that kindly.

But I was.  I was dead set against having another kid because I was so depressed and gained so much weight. 

Once again.  Another sense of the selfishness kicked in.

And now here I am.  After going to the gyno for the first time since Boston was born.

I cried by the way.   I had a male gyno and I totally forget to tell them I wanted a female gyno when I made the appt.

It's amazing how as I sat there-an HOUR after my appt time...waiting to be seen...I felt the wrath of what was to come.

I knew he was going to throw out the weight card.

I knew he was going to toss out the diet & exercise card.

I knew there would be bloodwork involved.

And I knew that no matter the end....he was going to see my girlie parts.

Ugh.  That SUCKS.

I don't think there is anything more violating than a gyno visit.  Well..maybe a colonscopy.  (You couldn't pay me enough to do that job!)

Well, wait.  How do you decide as a kid that "Mommy, when I grow up I want to look at girl parts, good and bad-all day long!"  Ew.  Just Ew.

Glad it takes TWO to Tango. Anyway...

Even though the weight thing pissed me off. (My sister is morbidly obese and has 3 perfectly healthy don't give me that bullshit excuse.)

Even though I did get script for pre-natal vitamins, bloodwork & a slap on the hand for not attending in nearly 4 yrs......

I did get one great laugh out of it. 

The doc gave me a referral to give to my husband.

That was hysterical.

Now it's time for HIM to feel violated.  Ahem...pressure to produce...ahem...stress over pro-creation.