Teotihuacan in Me:  

The End of the Beginning

Here I am.  Sitting at my desk.  On such a NASTY day!!

I feel compelled now that I'm getting back in the swing of things to really share with you more about my trip to Mexico.

My last day in Mexico..I haven't shared yet.

The night before-I took part in Alberto, the keeper of The Dreaming House's birthday party.

Mexicans DEFINITELY know how to throw a siesta!!


The Basilica in Mexico CitySeriously!

They had a big band and fireworks.  Plus the cake was TO DIE FOR yummy.

I honestly think I've been 'on vacation' since I got back!  I haven't been able to get it together.  My brain is still floating on top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

I have to get my game on this week.  Especially since the real world bills are SCREAMING calling out my name.  (So much so that the VERY first conversation with my husband this morning I got back was about 'how much money did you spend?'...Ahhh....oh how some things never change.....)


Hats at The Dreaming HouseBut I'm still in that Mexican mentality.  Chill!

In case you hadn't noticed...I had an obsession with my cowboy hat.  =)  I actually got there and desperately needed one.  The sun is potent.  The Dreaming House actually has a stash that people leave there so that anyone who comes can borrow a hat.  I guess cause the big majority of us don't really wear cowboy hats around, ya know?!?!? ha.  It reminded me of when i met my husband.  I worked in a bar in Chicago and when he met me, I was wearing a cowboy hat.  (You can take the girl out of the country but can't take the country out of the girl! hahaha)


Boston's cheaply made superheros!So my girlfriend Denise and I each left our cowboy hats for the next hip chics that visited the house.  (Who knows...I might be wearing my hat again!! LOL. )

We visited the Basilica before heading to the airport on the last day. It was an amazing journey.  

The Basilica was amazing.  The history that goes along with it is unbelievable.  While there, we saw Guadalupe.  I totally have to admit my ignorance of her. I always saw hispanics praying to their candles with a 'woman' on the front.  I knew it wasn't Mary.  So I finally got the true story of who she is and how she touched the hearts of Mexico.

At the end, we had a little time before hitting up the airport and I walked around the stands outside the Basilica.  There were some awesome statues of Guadalupe!  Seriously!!  This woman and her likeness was EVERYWHERE!  Big ones...small ones...bracelets and necklaces with her on was wild!  

I got to a stand that was loaded down with superheros.  And that's where I got Boston's favorite souvenir.  For #20 I got him Thor, Captain America, Spider Man and Wolverine.  I couldn't totally tell they were crap.  Plastic made illegally and sold in Mexico!! hahaha.  But, I tell ya what.  I had the HARDEST times trying to find him superheros.  And to get 4 for $20.  DEAL!

To wrap up my experience....

What I Learned in Teotihuacan:

- Be PRESENT in everything that I do.  When I do something...OWN it.  Even if it's not very smart.  ha

- Don't be afraid to DREAM.  And dream a lot.

- Don't fall for the hype.  (Everyone had me freaked about going into a 'drug infested country' and to be careful, don't wear jewelry...yada yada.  It was no where near what they hype is.  Hate it break it to ya-the US scares me more than Mexico did!!!)

- Mexicans work to live.  (Yes. Here so many 'live to work' that they forget about the important things in life.  I was in awe at how much Mexicans love their families while there.  They celebrate and fiesta for EVERYTHING!  It was awesome.  My impression left me with that they are happy with their lives.  And make the best of whatever it is they have.  They don't wish on what they don't have.  Make sense?)

- Take time to recharge.  I totally try to do this one.  But it never quite works out like I hope for!  I need to get in more exercise.  That's what is going to help me really feel charged with energy.

- When I'm feeling down and out, open up my heart & look into the Light. Yep.  This one was an awesome thing to learn when I was there.  If I'm stressed (like today when I wanted to kill my husband for tossing the clean clothes on the I just need to really breathe.  Feel my breath.  Close my my eyes and look to the sun and exhale!  It worked great.

- Let go.  Don't be who I think others want or expect me to be.  Be who I really am.

- See more.  Talk less. 

- A great quote to live in:  "Forgive me for using you to hurt myself."

- Live in love.  Not in fear.

 Ok. So if that list doesn't give you any insight into what my experience was like....then you'll definitely not get why I'm DYING to do the Peru Journey.