I can't believe it's ALREADY that time of year!!!  Seriously!!

I have to admit...I don't even have an inkling of an idea of what I'm going to do for holiday cards.

Last year, we had an awesome picture from our trip to Myrtle Beach.  But this year?

Nuthin.  Nada!!!

I desperately need to find a picture that would fit us.  I so wasn't into photos this year...and I'm regretting it now.  

Tiny Prints has some really fun holiday cards to choose from.  I've never seen the holiday ornament cards before!  How fun would that be to put them on a tree and enjoy them every year?!?!?

I'm totally in love with the ornament cards.

And since we want to respect our Jewish friends-we can get a generic 'Happy Holidays'.  Or even a Happy New Year!

Two years ago, my older sister did something pretty hysterical.

My family is notorious at forgetting to send out holiday cards.  My older sister was so delayed....But I have to admit it was pretty funny.  We seriously got her card in MAY!!  How fun would it be to get a card then!??!?!

I can't do that...Cause I'm crazy about getting cards out....

But she can! lol.  

Tiny Prints is a household name for us.  We love their cards and use them for everything.

Be sure to check them out and get those cards ordered NOW!!!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a WEEK away?!?!?!?