Genuardi's Holiday Hook Up:

$100 Giveaway



I can't even begin to tell you how many times I GOOGLE recipes. 

It's really rather pathetic.  I know.

But lately I've been really trying to cook more.

And with Thanksgiving coming up a WEEK away...I have got to get on the ball!

We aren't going anywhere for the holiday.  Is it bad that I'm THANKFUL for that??!?! ha.  Seriously though.  That means it's just us 4. (Including our lovely Rocky....)

And I want to make it special. 

Genuardi's has an entire section devoted to holiday recipes.  

I think I found the one that is totally going to hit the spot!!

Turkey Mashed Potatoes & Jack Cheese Casserole.  YUMMY!!!

Here's something fun to do with your kids:  Make the Turkey Laugh!

WIN IT:  $100 gift card to Genuardi's!

What is the plan for your Thanksgiving dinner?!?!?

Tweet it, Facebook & StumbleUpon it for bonus points.  Be sure to leave a comment with the links to all of your extra entries.  Contest Ends Midinight, November 24, 2011.