This was the 'panoramic view' from Pyramid of the Moon

Teotihuacan in Me:  

Day 3

Oh...what a day.  


Probably one of the most emotional & intense experiences in one day-EVER!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you what the day was like.  Really.  Cause you totally wouldn't understand.  Unless you were there.

At that moment.  That time.  That place.

What I can tell you is that there is MAGIC that happens in this beautiful place of the Earth. 


When we were on the grounds of the Pyramids-you can 'feel' the place.

Thoughts kept running through my head..wondering how they lived.  

Because I'm not lying...nor am I crazy......that place is ALIVE.  

We started our day by visiting the Palace of Tetitla. 

I honestly can't tell you about words don't have any justice compared to the feelings I felt in there.


I know that at one point it was a residential compound for priests.  And at one point-when they were 'sick'...they came there to die...

Is your hair standing up yet?!?!?!  Yeah.

The murals on the walls are extraordinary.  And if you really sit there...gaze into their eyes.  

They say you might start 'dreaming'......

I've never been great at remembering history.  But I always love to hear stories.  


And with 1500 years of stories?!?!?

I can only imagine what happened at this place.

After Tetitla we headed up to the Pyramid of the Moon.

Directly in front of the pyramid-there is an alter.

We gathered as a group on top of the alter and took in the breath of the ancestors there before us.....

I know I've said this 1,000 times already..but I can not even begin to explain the feelings and emotions you get in this beautiful place.  The sounds...the wind....


The vendors at Teotihuacan know exactly how to create the mood!!  They have these whistles called "Jaguars" then you hear flutes, drums, bells...sounds that you think you're imagining-then they become real.  It's wild. 

Wild isn't even the word for it.

The pyramid is surrounded by 12 temple platforms.

After taking in the air and feeling the strength of the plaza I decided to take the challenge of hiking up the steps.

Dear Heavens...I'm so damn out of shape.

But when I reached the top. I cried.  Not cause I was out of shape! hahahah

But because my emotions completely took over me.  

Overlooking and taking in all that I could see on top of that Pyramid...I yearned to have my family there.  

You can just feel the light and love emanating from the sky.