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As I sit here...peacefully.  I wish I could capture the movie playing in my head and share with you.

Today was amazing.  And I can't believe I have 2 more days of this glorious spirit.

I'm sitting against the wall of a house that is on the grounds that I'm staying at.

I came here with my friend Denise...and I'm meeting some extraordinary people.

Today was awesome.

Some of the coolest experiences came out of the day.

Everyone sees and feels emotions in different ways.  


And everyone does their 'work' differently too.

For me-this is vacation.  This place is magical.  

I'm in line next to get a massage....ahhhh.  $60.  Can't beat that can ya?

If you're a history person-Teotihuacan was built over 1500 years ago.  And walking through the pyramids. Doing work on life changing.

You see, the Mexican culture celebrates death.  In our country-it's a mournful event.  But to them the combining of the living and the dead is a beautiful thing.  Strange to some, I know.

I don't necessary believe or feel that way.  But they seem to value family and life as a just a piece of their story.  Their journey.  

There is something within Teotihuacan called the Avenue of the Dead.  Where as you walk through this long corridor-you enter different plazas that represents different aspects of life.  


Each plaza has special meanings.  You can read the wikipedia on it to get the whole gist of it.  But as you 'transcend' down the avenue from the Pyramid of the Sun to Quetzalcoatl it represents a new step into the 'real world'.

Yesterday we started at the alter to the Pyramid of the Sun and went down 'to earth'.  Today we went the other direction.

And as you go 'up' towards the pyramid of the do a lot of thinking. hahaha.

You ponder what you want to release in your life.  And put it out there to the universe.  

It was an unreal experience.  

The whole point in reality-is how to deal with your emotions.  The good.  The bad.  And the ugly.

I really can't explain it.  I just can't.  But I can tell you this.


I needed it.  

I've come a LONG way in a year.  Really.  Long.

And to be able to experience that-there is no way to explain it.  

You just have to live it.

The pic to the left is of me and my friend, Denise.  

We hadn't seen each other in a year-so we came on this journey together. 

There are a couple different ways to look at this experience. And often when I talk about the way I came out of my postpartum depression, I get blank stares as if I'm crazy. 

Just like when I said 'I'm going to Mexico..flying into Mexico City then heading to hike pyramids....'

I get that: "Are you out of your damn mind?!?!?  Have you heard about the drug wars there?!?!?!"  

And yes.  I have. 

And yes.  I was hesitant.

But nope.  I'm here. And so glad that I didn't let those little chatters in my ear change the direction my heart was leading me. 

That's what this place is about.  It's not about what you believe in.  But it's about how you believe.  And finding the light and spirit in you.

I'm a Christian.  I believe in God.  But if walking a labyrinth, cleansing in a sweat lodge & participating in mindful thinking while being apart of the serpeant feather of Quetzalcoatl?!?!?!

Then preach on.  

I can definitely say that isn't for everyone.  I say that because I don't think I would ever bring my husband here.  He wouldn't get it. (Nor would his A.D.D let him close his eyes and imagine the course of his life for more than 3 minutes before he bailed!  Not to mention-he'd end up having a crazed attack not being able to check the scores!!! lol.)  But I have some mom friends that would fall in love with this experience....

Ok.  So off to bed.  

Can't wait for tomorrows journey....