Teotihuacan in Me:  Day 1

Here I am sitting.  Looking. Listening. 

My toes hurt.  My arms and chest are crispy from the sun.

We walked.  And walked. And walked.

We climbed.

And I felt my feet connect to the ground.

Getting Grounded.

About a year ago...I was fighting some pretty bad demons.  Now as I look back on it-I was really fighting my way out of postpartum depression.  Granted, my son was 2 1/2 at the time.  But because I never allowed myself to get treated....it snow balled.  And boy did it snowball.

To the point where I just didn't know who I was anymore. 

And I was scared.  Scared for so many reasons.  

I couldn't understand why I just didn't embrace my life.  Love my child.  My home. My world.

So I took a little break form the world.  

Dropped the insanity and made it stop.

I spent time riding horses, connecting with them in ways I never knew could be.

I walked to the end of dirt roads and talked to about a thousand cattle just looking straight at me.

I felt the rain on my face.

I cleansed my heart in sweat lodges & walked labyrinths.


Then I went home.

To the world I didn't understand.

In a year....I can't even begin to explain how much I've grown.  

One of the biggest things I learned out if it...was to be true to myself. 

And as I sit here...my body aching...I have gratitude.

So much gratitude that I got to experience that.  To be who I am today.

And just like when your car needs a tune up.  Or an oil change.

You take it in...before you blow a gasket. 

(Ok. Bad example...I don't know anything about cars. lol)

But hopefully you get the picture.

And here's my picture.  After a day connecting with myself.

My spirit is full.  My heart is filled with love.  

And I get 3 more days of this.