Million Moms Challenge:

Moment in Mexico


Ok. So this is just something I'm going to go with.

I'm sitting on an airplane heading to Mexico.  

Without my little family.

And I seriously have mixed emotions.  

I'm excited to be getting away on a zen-like trip filled with meditation & gaining a sense of my place in this world.

But I'm also uneasy about a few things. 

One...I've never traveled abroad.  And this is REALLY abroad for me.

I mean. I've been to Mexico many times...spring breaks...when I lived in know.  YEARS ago.

Now you hear about so many bad things about that country.

I don't want to sit here and go on about it, for the sake of PSYCHING myself out!!

A few weeks ago...while at church there was a musician there talking about Compassion International.

Needless to say, the message was so amazing that I was the first one at their table after the service to sign up.

And now we sponsor a little boy.  His name is Leonardo.  And he lives in Mexico.

I picked him because his birthday was close to Boston's and I thought it would make an amazing gift for all of us to be able to teach Boston about this little boy and allow Boston to share one of his gifts with him. 

I don't know.  That might fall out and hit the dirt when May rolls around...but I have a feeling my son is going to very giving.  Understanding.  And full of love.

When I got home that afternoon I sat down with him..and read the information we got about Leonardo.  I talked to him about how he lives...what he does to help his family...where he lives...(we showed him a map of the part of Mexico he lives in). 

It was rewarding to me to have that opportunity to share with him about other kids that don't have all the great things he does.

We have on a few occasions gone through his toys with him having him tell us which ones we can give to a 'little boy who doesn't have any toys'.  And he always is so generous.

It didn't take long before I got to reap the benefit personally of sponsoring this little boy.

In fact, it was just this week.

I sat down with Boston to talk to him about how he was going to 'the cousins' with daddy and mommy was going to see her friend in Mexico.  And you know what he said?

'That's right!  Mommy, our little friend lives in Mexico - doesn't he?!?!"

I smiled.  Said yes. And a warm feeling crossed my heart. (Although, I'm not seeing 'that' little friend-I'm meeting up with a girlfriend who lives in Denver...)

Then he said 'Mommy, can you bring some of my toys to our little friend?  He's a little boy who doesn't have all the toys like I do.  Do you think he likes Superhero's?"

"You know what Boston?  I bet he loves Superhero's like you!"

He handed me his best Captain America and I put it in my purse.

That made me proud of myself as a mom.  It confirmed that what I'm really trying to do in this mom role is working.

And as fortunate as I am in this country..I'm able to afford to help a little child in a not so fortunate country.

At least for today.