The Irony


Oh my gosh.

I don't know if I could laugh harder.

Or if I SHOULD laugh even...

Ever seen the movie Happy Feet?

You know that sweet character Erik?!?!  This RANDOM little BLUE eyed character?!?!?

Who do I say this?!?!



So, my son has befriended this sweet kid at school named Erik.

The teacher was so excited to tell us that when he came to the class, Boston just made him feel so special.

Then this morning...Boston tells me that he pushed him down yesterday.


And I got this in the mail from the WONDERFUL people at Thinkway Toys....

I saw this adorable little character at the Toy event in NYC that I went to last week.

And I honestly can't help but smile thinking about this little guy.

He's SOOO super awesome.


So what am I going to do with this adorable little character?


Send him to school with my son of course..


Cause in reality....that's what life is ALL about.

Even if you're a little different.

Have blue eyes.

Hurt a friend.


It's totally ok to get up and walk on.......


I'm so proud of my little boy for showing this new kid love.

And that I can help him with some silly little toy to show him love.