Group Buying for Your Bills


I recently got the opportunity to hang out during 'Lunchtime Lessons' with Alphabuyer

We had a tasty lunch and learned some awesome things about this new company that will likely change the way we pay our bills!

We've all heard of Groupon, Living Social and the zillion other 'group buying' companies.  But what I love about Alphabuyer is that they aren't like 'the other guys'.  They aren't selling you laser hair removal or a tanning package.

They are helping you SAVE MONEY with something you are doing already!

Paying your bills.

Yeah.  Bills Stink.  I know that, for sure. 

But when all you have to do is put in your zipcode and click to switch to get an extra few hundred bucks in your pocket a year?

No. Brainer.

Why Alphabuyer?

- No fees to switch

- No credit card required

-No need t change up your billing-they do it all for you!  

-Super easy to sign up online.

-FIXED rate!  Meaning-they won't grab you in the beginning then grab your money when the electricity rocks your air conditioner in the summer!

Ok.  I'm a visual person too.  Here's how it works.

Ok-so if it doesn't cost you a dime, you actually SAVE money AND it takes 2 seconds to do it-then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!