22 Things I've Never Done


I feel like I need to write something besides peddling mentioning a product, service or brand.

Or at least use my personal brain to post something.

I did kinda run my mouth a couple weeks ago.  Or. Run my keyboard rather.

Me and my big mouth, I tell ya.  

Joys of the brainwashing I got when I was PAID to run my mouth on the radio.


I love lists.

I'm not talking the ones that you make 'to do' then cross them off-like get a passport, send out birthday card, etc.

Ones that really are brainless.

So, how about a 22 Things I've Never Done list.

1.  I've never been to Europe.

2.  I've never gotten a tattoo.

3.  I've never fallen asleep while driving.

4.  I've never fit into a size smaller than 10. Except for two weeks in August 2003, I was an 8.  

5.  I've never rode on a donkey.

6.  I've never cried on a subway.

7.  I've never been to Canada.

8.  I've never had a broken arm.

9.  I've never eaten frog legs.  (I collect frogs.  Ew.)

10.  I've never skydived.  But would love to.

11.  I've never felt good about my body.  (Even when I was hot, fit and full of fun.)

12.  I've never said the 'f' word around my dad.  

13.  I've never driven a race car.  (I rode as a passenger before though. =)

14.  I've never had a daughter.  (But would love a #2 one day..boy or girl.)

15.  I've never been on an airplane with my parents.

16.  I've never slapped someone across the face.  (TRUTH)

17.  I've never cheated on my husband.  (I know. I'm getting weirdo on you.  But it's hard to be creative outside the 'I've never been to ____ or to _______!)

18.  I've never cried over a broken heart.  (LIAR)

19.  I've never owned a reptile.  Well.  A turtle once. Is that a reptile?

20.  I've never been smart in science or math.  (Had to take Math 4 times in college.  My last time I wouldn't have graduated.  I think m professor gave pitty on me.  I begged.)

21.  I've never had divorced parents. (Thank the good Lord above for that one.)

22.  I've never had a child where women are SUPPOSE to have children.  (You know.  Out of THAT place that in the human body.  Get it?  Ew. Grossed out.)


How bout you!  Got an 'I never?'