'Learn, Create & Share'        LeapFrog Party 

#LeapPad Review


I don't normally sign up to take part in some of the many 'product parties' out there for bloggers.

One, I don't have the time & 2 my kid is never a good fit.

But I always read other blogs as they enjoy in the entertainment.

But when MomSelect sent out an email looking for moms to host a LeapPad Party I was ON IT.

And sooo glad I did!

They picked me to host a party and I really didn't know what it entailed UNTIL I got the package in the mail.


I thankfully and gratefully get a lot of products in the mail. Majority of them are toys.

But this one definitely surpassed them all!

For many reasons...and it wasn't because I got a $100 LeapPad in the mail.  Now mind you, that was great. 

But the whole promotion that MomSelect put together around LeapFrog was the deal maker for me!

I had to host a party with Bostons friends where they tried out the LeapPad and LeapFrog Tag that they sent. 

I always enjoy having a party.  I like to decorate...plan...execute...and entertain.

And with this party, MomSelect sent us the LeapFrog Tag & LeapPad.  

Plus some other amazing products, apps, etc to go along with the party.

They also sent me a packet that had puzzles and sheets of the LeapFrog characters that they could color.

So I put together some fun buckets with lots of green goodies as party favors.

I ordered cheesesteaks and off we went!

I made cupcakes and put gummi green army men on top.

I set out the Explorer (that we already had), LeapPad & the Tag system.

I'm all about sharing HONEST opinions when I get products so here goes:

LeapFrog Reviews:  LeapPad & Tag


-- Boston LOVES my iPad.  I mean LOVES LOVES it.  So this was a great addition in our house.  I love that it's like a 'little iPad but for kids'!  

-- The LeapPad came loaded with games and goodies that the kids got to enjoy.  Boston really enjoys the Cars reading app.

-- I'm a VERY internet/computer savvy person.  But I have to admit, the fact that you have to connect it to the computer and download the LeapFrog program to your desktop is not something I love.  It's honestly a pain-and takes me a long time to figure out what the heck I'm doing and how to do it.  

-- I LOVE the Tag system.  I've been pondering for months to pick up the Tag system and was super happy to get it for free.  LOVE it!  I'd have ot say as of right now...I love it more than the LeapPad. Mainly because it's sooo easy to use.  Just turn it on - and tap it on the book, map, etc.  It is great to travel with.  Small and compact.  The LeapPad is great to travel with too.  But a little more bulky.

All in all-I was THRILLED to be included in this promotion....

Except during the party...we had a bit of a meltdown over who was going to play with the items...

((Sigh)) Can't have it all, can we?

Check out our video and PLEASE like it on YouTube!!

If we win - we get 10 LeapPads for my guests & 10 that I can give to my charity of choice.  Would LOVE to do that!!!



Disclosure:  I received these awesome LeapFrog products from MomSelect to have a party, play & participate in their promotion.  All opinions are my own.  LOVED this promotion-and MEAN it.  =)