Plus Rice Krispies Halloween Recipe


Dear Kelloggs,

You are turning me into a TASTY TREAT!!!

Seriously.  I have been apart of some awesome fun making different Rice Krispie creations this year.  (Not to mention a super fab TV segment involving those babies!!!)

Love,  Jo Mama

Although...the joys of motherhood prevailed me this time.  And I'm BUMMED about it.  I had a sick kiddo with a 102 fever and more that I dare to share...ahem.  (This is a FOOD post, ok? lol)

And I missed this event.  My favorite holiday baking is Halloween..and I MISSED IT!!!


But, of course my awesome teammates kicked butt without me.  (Can I just tell you how blessed I am to be working with them?  They are so supportive...kind..and just flat out AWESOME.)

Anyway-so they put together this awesome spooky treat sure to highlight any Halloween party!


Check out the Fab Recipe and be sure to WIN $100!!!

Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats – Haunted Pumpkin Patch

Base Recipe:


--1 stick (8 TBS)  butter or margarine

--1 ¼ tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

--1 package(about 40) + 10 regular marshmallows

--2 TBS Pumpkin Puree

--7 cups   Rice Krispies



1.       In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Stirring frequently. Butter will foam and then the foam will subside. Brown bits will begin to form at the bottom. Keep stirring. You will smell a nutty aroma and the butter will be lightly brown. Off the heat.

2.       Stir in pumpkin pie spice until incorporated. Add marshmallows and stir. Put the heat back on low and stir until marshmallows are completely melted. Remove from heat.

3.       Stir in pumpkin puree and two drops of red food coloring and 3-4 drops of yellow food coloring (to make desired orange color).

4.       Mix in Rice Krispies until they are fully coated with marshmallow mixture. Turn out onto a wax paper lined baking sheet.


To Make Pumpkins:


 --One batch Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats.

--Small Pretzel Sticks

--Green Icing tube with Leaf tip.


1.       Allow Rice Krispies Treats to cool for a bit.

2.       Shape into round balls. Insert a 1/3 of a pretzel stick into the tops to act as a pumpkin stem.

3.       Use green icing and an leaf tip to create a small green leaf on the side of the “stem.”


To Assemble Haunted Pumpkin Patch:


·         2 batches of Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats

·         1 batch Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats made into Pumpkins

·         1 can Chocolate Frosting

·         2-3 cups Chocolate Cookie Crumbs (crumble plain chocolate cookies in a food processor or blender)

·         1 bag Marshmallows

·         1 bag Pretzel Sticks

·         2 -3 sticks of Black Twizzlers

·         1/3 cup Reeces Pieces

·         Peeps Marshmallow Ghosts, assorted miniature Halloween signs, tomb stones, zombies, bats, spiders , ghosts from a craft store for decorating



1.       Spread a baking sheet with wax paper and spray with cooking spray.  Make 2 batches of Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats and spread out onto baking sheet evenly. Once cooled completely turn over onto  a platter or tray.

2.       Frost Treats with chocolate frosting and cover with cookie crumbs (for dirt).

3.       Create a “fence” around Treats by taking 2 Marshmallows and connecting them with 2 parallel pretzel sticks. Continue to join pretzels sticks and Marshmallows until the fence goes around the tray of Rice Krispies Treats. Adhere the marshmallows to the chocolate frosting.

4.       Make a “path across the middle of the Treats (vertically) with Reeces Pieces.

5.       Cut the tops of the Twizzlers down in thin strips to make tree branches and cut them slightly at the bottom (to make roots) and adhere into the frosting for spooky trees.

6.       Scatter the Brown Butter Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treat Pumpkins around the “pumpkin patch.”

7.       Decorate with marshmallow ghosts and store bought spooky creatures and signs.


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