This morning on my Posterous feed I got a great article that will make you think!

Babies Born this year, 2011 will really miss out on some of the greater things in life.  Remember when we use to pick on our parents for things they lived through like "Wow!  You've never turned on a computer?" "What's an 8-track?" "You got to SMOKE on airplanes?!?!?!"

Tables are turning people!!!! haha.  Now it's about to hit us.

Here are some things that children born in 2011 will miss out on:


TRAVEL AGENTS:  Um. If this is what you do for a living-don't get your kids to take over the company.

MOVIE RENTAL STORES:  We already see that happening. The local Blockbuster closed shop here and now theres a FIVE GUYS burger joint!

WATCHES:  Yeah.  I don't even own one of those.  My iPhone takes care of that....


DIALUP INTERNET:  My cousin JUST got rid of hers! haha.  Love her dearly, but gotta pick on your Laura! 

What did I miss?  Have any memories of what you use to pick on your parents about?


Here's a random video of kids speaking French and reflecting on the things from the 80s & 90s.

Pretty interesting - (thx for subtitles! haha)  But is it me or are they DRESSED and have hair that looks like the 80s?!?!?! lol