I tend to really find out about things in the world... oh.. now that I'm NOT on the radio doing show prep 24/7? 

Let's say between 3 and 30 days late.

Last night my husband was in awe that I 'of all people' didn't see the video or hear about Ted Willams-the homeless man in Cleveland that was 'given a gift of a golden voice'.

HUH?  So he made me watch it before we went to bed.

My heart melted.

First I thought 'no biggie-the guy got lucky'...

But then I started really thinking about this man's story. 

And my memories of the radio business.

I'm sure to not rip on the business-but just like many high profile jobs there definitely were some WILD times.

I can remember in my early stages of being in the business, my program director told me 'Awe Man-you have no idea how fun radio is!  The 80s were the best!'

Lucky for me.  I was like uh-8 years old in the 80s.

((Random-but his name was Steve Ocean-and he'd always open up the mic "I'm Steve Ocean in motion with your sun tan lotion!"))

And no.  The job WASN'T on a beach.  It was in KENTUCKY for crying out loud! hahaha

Anyway.  I'm getting off track here.

Ted Williams said he got down on his luck from drugs and alcohol addiction.  He has 2 years sober under his belt. 

I can totally believe that.  The temptations are crazy!!! 

This morning I got to catch him on the Today Show talking with Matt & Merideth and he was a doll.  They played a repeat from him being on there yesterday-to him meeting his mom.  It almost had me cry.

Here's a man-who disappointed his family for so many years.  He said he has 9 kids.  YEAH. That's not a typo.  He said he wanted to make his mommy proud.  He mentioned that he had begged God to allow her to live long enough so that he could finally make her proud.

When they were reunited this over 50 year old man ran to her calling her 'Mommy - Mommy!"

Just goes to show..that no matter how old you are.  Or had bad your life is / was .... There's something about your Momma.  (I know that I run to my mom when I'm down and out.)  And I also know...that even when I've done some of the STUPIDEST things in my life... my mom put me in my place.. but yet she always loved me and believed in me.

Funny random thought-Watching Jay Leno right now-he said that Obama administration had over 100,000 jobs created the past year - cause they hired homeless radio disc jockeys! hahahah. 

Um. I'm not homeless-but I can be if I need to be?!?!? lol

Ok-back to Teddy boy.  Anyway, he was on this morning and it made me warm to see and hear of his awesomeness.

And that even after all the things in his life-drugs, alcohol, lies...etc.  HOMELESSNESS.  This man could have the opportunity to turn his life around.

On the Today show-his mom said 'don't let me down'...and Merideth asked him what measures he plans to take so that he doesn't fall prey to all those bad memories in his life to return.  And he said he's worried about that but instead of trying to juggle so many things-he was just going to focus on one. And this time around he's got something he never thanked before.  And that's God. 

That's a good idea.  Focus on life with one thing at a time.  One day at a time. And just put it in God's hands.

He has been offered a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I just heard that he was offered a movie deal from Jack Nicholson today. Plus, he voiced a commercial deal with Kraft, MSNBC and I'm sure that's not all!

Wow... I'm off to start writing on my ripped up card board box.  Cause God has given me a talent too!

 Hahaha.  ((You think I'm joking don't you?  You better watch out.  I'll show you. Um. If you see a blonde chick near the Conshohocken Curve off I-76 you better stop & let me play Ms. Disc Jockey for you..and you BETTER be sure to have that dollar! ha))

What's your talent?  If you were giving the answer to one life long dream-what would you wish for?

Cheers to living...and dreaming.

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