2 years ago-when my 2 year old was born-I needed an ESCAPE...But, I knew I had to watch him too.  Well, I started taking stroller fitness classes and met some really awesome people!

One of my closest friends of all time I met at One Fit Mama.  She rocks!!  She was the team captain for their Fittest Mama Challenge.

Anyway..no.. I didn't win. But I was involved.  I did it last year too.  No.. I didn't get past the 1st couple days cause I had too many excuses was crazy busy at that time.

But, when my friend Colleen, who just had her 4th cutie by the way AND manages to run a couple businesses...household... etc.. had asked me if I'd mention OFM and the Fittest Mama Challenge.  OF COURSE! 

I'm a huge supporter of Mom Made Businesses.  This awesome group on women have such an electric bond with each other.  Don't get me wrong.. they are VERY competitive! haha.  But for your own good.

Not to mention a great time getting fit with workshops, challenges and support from other women like you. 

If you are ANYTHING like me... I could NEVER lose the baby weight.  I still have 20 lbs sitting on my thighs. 

Yes...I'm going to attempt the competition again.  I'm looking forward to seeing and participating in some of the workshops, including a visit from a former Biggest Loser contestant!!!

Check out the AWESOME winners from the past - PLUS get an awesome 10% discount when you sign up on line and use the code JOEY!!! 

What do you have to lose?  Well..the chubbies of course!  =)

Check out a segment I did with OFM on Better Philly to see the fun for yourself!

The Fittest Mama Challenge kicks off this Thursday, January 6th at 7:30pm at Bounce U in Horsham.