Makin Music at the Music Training Center

Yeah!  We are so lucky to be able to take part again in this session of Making Music.

Boston LOVES the class!  He was suppose to go last week-but sadly the weather canceled the class and we didn't get to make it to a makeup class. 

So today, when we were out running errands he asked 'can we go to music class mommy?'

That kid LOVES IT!

I love it too.  For many reasons.  The big one is how CLEAN & awesome the facility is!  It's in a stripmall in Conshy-but so well kept!  2ndly-the teachers; Tara & Jeb!  The fact that they knew our names on the FIRST day is totally amazing!  With all these kids, and they remember our names!

3rdly-cause I was a music kid.  I was in band, chorus and all things in between that involved beating drums to playing a saxophone and more. 

I love the songs....especially 'put your babies to sleep'! 

When you register-you get a free CD from the Music Training Center so you can sing along at home!  (Or in the car like we do...)

Check them out at  You can also choose from 5 locations; Conshy, Montgomeryville, Ardmore, Great Valley & Marlton, NJ!  (We go to the one in Conshohocken.)

When you register-tell them you saw them on my site!!