Here it is Sunday night.  My husband has been snoring since...oh... 8pm.  Yes.  Boston didn't take a nap and he fell asleep way early while attempting to play Angry Birds on the iPad!

And here I am. 

Sitting at my computer..alone..watching Basketball Wives (WORSE than Real Housewives!!!).

And I'm finding those Sunday night blues sliding in.

I haven't had them in a while....but for some reason tonite...I can feel it. 

Thankfully, PMS is kicking in so i KNOW that is part of it.

But I also can't help but feeling the feelings.

Monday's are always hard...cause that's when Matt goes back to work mode.

We did absolutely nothing this weekend. 

And I loved it.

Playing with my husband.  And playing with our sweet little boy.

That kid is amazing.

He was so tired when I got home Friday night....but Saturday morning was awesome.  He got to have a 'slumber party' in our bed.  (I know...BAD idea. But I love it sometimes.)

And when he woke up... he kept touching my face.

Gently and so sweetly.

How does a 2 year old know?

How does he know how to melt his mommys heart?

Wow.  I hope when he falls in love someday...he is as sweet and gentle as he is now. 

There aren't many things in this world that touches my heart more....

Then the soft touch by a gentle & loving hand.

I ended up having to run a zillion errands yesterday and ran all over God's snowed in green Earth.

And when I arrived home I came upon this method of taking the diaper out.

Now I could have come in and been angry and thoroughly annoyed.

But I laughed instead.  (I do feel sorry for my neighbors though!!)

I love my life.

I love the boring & eventless time I spend with my family.

I love it so much so...that even diaper duty can't ruin the day.

Cheers to a great week.....