Here I am.

9:15 on Tuesday evening.  Central Time.

And I just ate a brownie.  DONG IT!!!!!!!!!!!

(That's what Boston says..I taught him that...instead of a bad word. Fun huh? haha)

DONG IT.  For real!!

I'm in Blissdom Conference.

I'm thrilled to be here.  It's my 1st blog conference.  And I have to say-it's about time!!!

My girlfriend Mandee came in to pick me up this morning...and we spent the entire day together.  We shopped.  And ate.  Shopped.  And ate some more.

Ugh.  I'm a bloated mess.  And the conference hasn't even officially began yet!

I swear.  I have GOT to get this eating under control. 

Ok-back to happy thoughts.

Yes.  Mandee was here.  I hadn't seen her in a year.  BAD. Bad. BAD.

But we had a great day.  Much needed for us!

Although...I feel really bad.  She was going to stay  the night in my hotel room-but because she heard that was bad weather coming...after we ate dinner she decided to head back home.  Yeah..I was a bit bummed-since I'd have loved to see her longer...but I also totally understood.  I didn't want her to get STUCK HERE.  (I mean, I wouldn't have minded it-but she's got a man and two kiddos to tend to!)

So she just called me.  And she's stuck on the side of the road. 

Bigtime DONG IT.

I guess the weather is bad in Kentucky.  I'm at the hotel-and it's like being in a bird house.  I don't see anything on the outside!

But we sure did have fun together.

I think Boston & Matt are having a good time too.  Eating ice cream.