That is the question!!

So today-while out running errands I stopped in at Ulta.  I always spend WAYYY tooooo much money there.  But just like any store, I hit the clearance aisle.

And I found this.  They are extentions to your hair.  Mind you-I've had one before...YEARS ago.  And I've been considering getting extensions for some time too.  (I'm TOTALLY hating my hair this short...and it's taking LIGHT YEARS to grow!!!)

These were originally $49 - on sale for $19.99.

What do you think?  Look Real??? BE HONEST!!  (I'm a big girl.. I can take it! lol)

Now, if you don't know... my natural (REAL) hair comes about 2 inches below my chin...

And the backside - barely past my shoulders.

Worth $20?!?!?!?!