OMGosh.  Like, seriously?!?!?! 

I really want to stand in front of the mirror.  And take a picture of myself in a BATHING SUIT.

I mean... I KNOW it won't be a supermodel in the pic.  I mean.  I could really pass for the Ms. Fast Food Pageant Queen. 

But REALLY?!?!?!  Does Demi REALLY need to look like that??? Seriously.

As I mentioned this to my husband.  He decides to tell me... Demi Moore is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.

Yeah. Ok.  Glad I'm your BABY'S MAMA.


Very disappointing.  But I'm in a different life today....than when I started dating him 7 years ago.

First off.  I was one HOT PIECE of ADD.  (Well...a** is more like it.)

Secondly.  I was in my 20s.  Who wasn't HOTT then?!?!?!


I was an immature bimbo.

So now what?

Yeah.  We'll see what life brings...

((((PS-I can't believe I put my swim suit on and took this.  And I REALLY can't believe that even though I gained a SHIT TON of weight while pregnant and uh... 3 years... I am proud of who I am...and TOOK THIS PIC?!?!?!? Yeah.  You caught me.  I'm on crack.)))


I know.  I look like a hott piece of a** with my swimskirt tankini.

Don't mess with me.  I'll steal your husband bitches.