I'm not really sure what to do.  I really feel bad about it.  And quite honestly, it breaks my heart thinking about how much it upsets him.

I remember as a kid not wanting to go to school.  But I don't remember ever being this upset about it.

Talking about Boston.

Bless his sweet little heart. 

When he 1st started going to daycare, a year ago when I was doing afternoons at Now 97.5..He liked going.  It was fun for him.  I mean, I would get a little bit of whining-but he went.  And enjoyed it.  Sometimes he didn't want to leave.

And now? 

The exact opposite.

After the station flipped formats-he stayed in full-time till January... pretty much so that I could keep my sanity.  He did move up in class.  And about 6 months ago...he's never been the same. 

And now?!?!?!  It's downright awful. 

He moved up again the beginning of this month.  And we moved him from MWF to T-TH to save a little money.  And since I'm not working as much-I wanted to spend more time with him.  I knew that he would be sad-and it would really be an adjustment.  But this is awful.  When he 1st moved up...he was great!  He was in the 'big boy' class.  And trust me when I tell you I milked that one. 

But now that we are almost a month into it...he's just not having it. 

Matt took him in this morning since I have TV today...and I actually felt sorry for Matt.  Cause I knew it was just going to break his heart.  On Tuesday when I took him-he screamed bloody murder.  I walked out with tears in my own eyes.  He did the same last Sunday at church.  He was in a new class...and he just didn't like it.  And he LOVED going to church nursery.

I don't know what to do.  He absolutely loves his sitter, Rachel.  I mean when she watched him on Monday he saw me walking up to the door to get him...and he said 'No Mommy-No!'  He didn't want to go.  But Rachel is looking for a full-time job... So she's not really an option.  Although I just love her to death.  I wish we had the money so that I could hire her fulltime. 

Ugh.  I'm so torn.  Any suggestions?