This kind of stuff REALLY fries my ass.

I mean REALLY.  WTH?!?!?

There are so many recalls going on.  And there shouldn't be ANY.  It's a big man in a corporate suit trying to save a buck.  UGH.  Don't EVEN get me going.

So... I'll just shut up and share the news.


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Certain Similac-brand, powder infant formulas are being voluntarily recalled following an internal quality review, which detected the remote possibility of the presence of a small common beetle in the product. The United States Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) has determined that while the formula containing these beetles poses no immediate health risk, there is a possibility that infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract. If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a physician should be consulted.

The recall includes certain Similac powder product lines offered in plastic containers and certain Similac powder product lines offered in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce, and 12.9-ounce cans.

To find out if a Similac product you own is included in this recall, visit and type in the lot number, or call (800) 986-8850.

Both the website and the consumer hotline have specific details on how to complete the return process.