When Boston was just a wee rug rat and I was losing my mind needing adult conversation I decided to try out a class at this local music center near where we lived, in Conshohocken, Pa.

My girlfriend Beth and her daughter had been going for some time-and they just loved it!   So we went a couple times...but I decided I needed to wait a bit till he gets a little older.  (The class we went to-they had a rule that the kids couldn't stand up with the wooden sticks they were using.  And of course-my little booger  dollface had issues with listening to that simple rule.  After he NAILED me in the face with the stick-that rule made TOTAL sense to me.  It hurt!!!!)

Now that the summer is over (((SIGH))) I have to find something for us to do on the days that Boston isn't in school.  So, just as I was about to pull my hair out stressing on finding options... a friend of mine sent me information about their classes.  What an awesome reminder!

So... I signed up for a session.

It's really a pretty awesome school for kids!  Boston is only 2-so we'll be in the toddler class..but if you live in the Philly area and have some older children-there are some FUN classes!  Music & Voice lessons, musical theater and even ROCK BAND sessions!  How fun is that?!?!

They have centers in Ardmore, Montgomerville, Conshohocken & Marlton, NJ.

Classes start September 14th... so I'll be sure to share with you more about our experience!

If you sign up for classes be SURE to mention seeing it here! 

((You never know...they might have something fun in return!))


Disclaimer:  I know.  Having a blog has helped my sanity and my marriage.  I have been given classes to MTC to facilitate this review.  I promise to tell you the truth-the whole truth.  And possibly even the truth about my rotten 2 year old.