This week has been an awesome week for me.  I have to admit.  And say it out loud.  I needed it.  Over the summer a lot of things happened that were completely out of my control.  When I wanted to kill confront the people that put me in bad situations I thought about what that would do to me and my family in the long run. 

I worked on a couple really awesome projects trying to keep my 'nose clean'...and out of trouble.They turned out rewarding... exciting...

But then today.  I found myself thinking about the summer and how fast it just flew by. 

I hate that.  Today was gorgeous.  I took Boston to the park and played with my girlfriend and her daughter.  Boston and I have had a pretty special little week.  From Yoga Class at The Little Treehouse on Monday, filming a TV segment on Tuesday, music class with Boston at Making Music on Wednesday plus getting some AWESOME career news Wednesday night, then Thursday (yesterday) we got our amazing appliances in.  You know the ones that I won from Best Buy

But yet.  Today I found myself with a sense of discomfort.  I really think it's cause the thought of winter instantly depresses me.  About mid summer... I decided to stop stressing about the things in the past that I just can't change.  I've been harboring some lowsy feelings for uh.. like.. 3 years almost.  And it just was some really awful energy.

Today... tonite... I can't help but feel blah thinking 'wow-wouldn't it be nice to go out on the town with some girlfriends?  Wouldn't it be fun to let loose a little bit like the 'good old days'?

And then I chase my little guy around the house.  And he giggles so hard that he makes me giggle. 

I love this life.  And although my goal is not to dwell on the way things 'use to be'... I guess it's only human to remember great times in your life.