I wasn't blessed with a whole lot of things - but one thing I was blessed with is CREATIVITY! ha.

When I have free time, I love to 'create' things.  For my son's first birthday...that I did.  I 'created' a DJ Lance - Yo Gabba Gabba costume. I was so proud of that silly thing!  It cost me a whopping $10 to make.  And making my husband wear it at his party was freaking priceless! ha.  He's a good dad...and a good sport.

Granted, it didn't look EXACTLY like DJ Lance...but it was a great start! ha.

I can't believe how fast time is flying this year!  I guess it's like that every year.  NOW is the time to start thinking about Halloween!

You've got to check out these GREAT '5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes' I found on Parenting.com:




Weather Gal Costume

All you need is: a cardboard box, large helium balloon, dowels, fabric glue, burlap, batting, rope, jute twine, an extra-large needle, foam weather stripping, tape, and, if you want, a toy barometer, a lab coat, a clipboard, and binoculars

Got a budding scientist at home? She'll feel sky-high trick-or-treating as a meteorologist, complete with her own weather balloon!

Learn how to make it!






Here Comes the Sun Costume

All you need is: an over-size yellow sweatshirt, orange and yellow felt, elastic, rickrack, pipe cleaners, fabric glue, a large safety pin

She's the sunshine of your life, so show the world! A basic sweatshirt is the start of this cheery costume. The smiling face of the sun is made from felt. A plain long-sleeve tee and yellow kneesocks or tights finish it off!

Learn how to make it!






Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

All you need is: a child-size clear umbrella, black sticky felt (like Preto), black poster board, fabric pencil, gray thread, a needle

Drips are for kids! This clever idea is sure to be a hit in your neighborhood. Pair the decorated umbrella with the raincoat and rain boots your child already owns and she'll be set to have a blast in any weather.

Learn how to make it! (Stencils included!)






I TOTALLY love this!!  What a fun and EASY idea!!

Corn on the Cob Costume

This cute costume starts with an oversize sweatshirt -- no sewing needed.

How to Make the Corn on the Cob Costume



Ok.. now your turn!  What costume did you make that you are oh so proud of?  SHARE SHARE!  )