Babies are so cute.  So chubby.  So stinky. (Well, if they poop in their diapers of course.)

Do you ever find yourself going 'oh-what a cute name for a baby!' or 'Um. Really?  That kid is sure to get made fun of growing up!'

The day that we found out we were having a boy, my husband and I got giddy and started looking through the book of baby names.  There are zillions of names in there!!!  We got to Boston and my husband said 'That's it!  I love it!'  And of course, me growing up and being rediculed with the name DOEY JOEY FATMAN I feared for the poor kid and said 'Honey, chill.  We're only in the 'b's!"

Well, we see how that one turned out.  Hmpf. 

I have to admit-that name totally grew on me.  And now?  I absolutely love it.  It's Ivy League.  And my boy is a stud.  (Although if he REALLY wants to be IVY league, he better be smart cause his parents sure aren't! ha)

Anyway, I found this unusual bit on information in my Parenting Mag this month.  It's a story on baby naming customs in other countries. 

I about fell out of my bathtub when I read some of this! (Yes.  TubTime is MagTime in my house.)

Here's some of what they said:

In GERMANY You need government approval before naming a kid..and catch this - Officials can VETO that name if it doesn't clearly indicate the baby's sex!!  (Geez.  Bet there are no GIRL JOEY's in THAT country! ha)

In the Ukraine - They priest does the naming.  Parents can make suggestions but the priest gets the final say 8 days after the birth.

In China - Traditionally, babies wait a month until a family party and naimg ceremony.  Instead of using their real name, parents use a 'milk' name or an undesirable nickname to ward off evil spirits!

Do your kids have a weird name? 

I'd share my middle name-but for the sake of identity i don't want to online...but if you email me I'll tell ya!  ha.  It's completely made up.  The first half is part of my mom's sister's name and the last 1/2 is part of my dad's sisters name.  STRANGE!!!