I can tell you I totally don't worry about this for my kid. Cause he's just gonna be a COOL kid.  Everyone loves him. haha.  Yeah-I'm a proud mom.  But I can tell you I have had some seriously awful run ins myself when I was a kid.

Although I was the 'funny fat kid' I hung out with the popular crowd.  Well, at least I tried.

But I remember some awful things that people said and did to me. 

One in particular?  There was a kid in my school that called me '18 Wheels' - "Wheels" for short.

Why?  That asshole punk juvenile delinquent said it was because I was as wide and fat as a Mack Truck.

I was freaking 11 and I am STILL Haunted by that. 

(Funny...cause when he asked me to be his friend on Facebook-I brought that back up.  He bowed down to me with apology.  LOVED it. hahah)

I would be lying if I told you it didn't ignite my ego when I returned to my small town and was SKINNY, TALL, BLONDE, HOT & EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL.  While the mean ones were still in a smalltown living in a shack with 10 kids.  (Bitter?  Yep.)  Now?  Well... that was all 'pre-baby & hubby'. hahaha

Anyway-back to bullies.  I know it's happening and it scares me to know that it's BIGGER now than when I was a kid.  Kids all need serious ass whippings for being evil.  It's one thing to be a pseudo tattle tale.  But it's another to put kids in lockers, corner them, scare them & NOW A DAYS berate them on facebook, twitter, myspace and the web!!

I saw this article that I thought I would share.  It's from Holy Kaw on AllTop.

They suggested: 

  • Look for Bullying
  • Don't Put Responsibility on the Victim

What do you suggest?