Here I am... at 12:08am on September 12th.

Today, well yesterday.  I woke up late, running late to get to a doctor appt.

And on the way there-I realized what 'day' it was.

I thought about the day that will forever be embedded in the eyes of the world.

I remembered where I was...and what I was doing.

I was doing morning radio in Paducah, Kentucky.  I was on the air with Nick Black.  It was my first morning radio job..and very very early in my career. (As a full-time on air personality; fresh out of college.)  I remember the way we looked at each other when our news director came running into the studio with the news... Donna was her name.  She was a firecracker.  Had more energy than me at 5am.

When we were in the middle of a song-she came in telling us she has a special report-one of the towers had been hit at the World Trade Center.

I being the midwestern young girl, with zero education on IMPORTANT places nor NYC for that matter....didn't realize how significant the towers were.

And the cufusion in (Nick and I) our eyes-showed we were both dumbfounded.

I couldn't tell you word for word the way it that part of the experience in my memory has escaped me.

But what I do remember was how awfully scared and empty I felt when we faded out the song-and intro'd Donna for a special news report. 

No, we weren't NBC nor CBS not even WGN...but just a small town 100,000 watt Top 40/CHR radio station.  (Who SADLY at that time still used a dotmatrix printer!!!! No kidding there.)

But it didn't matter who you were...where you were...or how smart or stupid you were...

You knew that THIS was beyond anything ever your wildest dreams.

Many may have been fighting with their husbands or wives.

Screaming at their kids to sit down in the back seat of the car.

Getting irritated at their dog for not going to the bathroom fast enough cause you're running late for work.

Or... maybe even in labor.

But after that awful moment of realization...all those unimportant things seemed to disappear from your memory.

And facts show.... 9-14 months later... MANY MANY MANY women were in labor.

Families came together.  They loved each other more.  They spent more time with their kids.  They called their parents more.  They really embraced the littler things in life.

I'm the first to admit....Yeah... my 'thank the Lord for each day' started to fade away....

Including till today.

Today.. I thought about that day-early on-and for a quick second before I got sidetracked....

But until I sat down with my husband tonite...after we put our son to bed together... I didn't really think about it. 

Then I wrestled the remote away from my husband...and turned the football off.  I surfed till I saw the history channel. 

And there it was.  On the History Channel.  '102 Minutes that Changed America.'

And we both watched it... remembering... realizing... thinking...

I'm glad I stole the remote from him.

Cause we needed that dose of reality.

Good Night.... and sweet dreams to you and yours...