This is good news!  At least for my house.

According to Walletpop- Target is going green with your used video games, iPods & other elecronics.  In the new Target Electronics Trade In Program that has already launced in California and heading to 850 cities nationwide, you can trade in the old and get Target giftcards for your used treasures.

The program will purchase video games from current systems like the Wii, Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, as well as used electronics such as iPhones and iPods. The value paid for used games and gadgets will vary based on demand and condition, ranging from a few dollars to over $200.

Customers can trade in their old games and electronics at the new Target Mobile Store which will arrive in close to half of the company's stores by the end of 2010 and almost every location by the middle of 2011. 

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