Wow.  I can't believe it, really. 

I made it.

Through the weekend.

Yes....the weekend was rough.  But I made it to Monday.

There are way too many so many people in this world that complain about Monday.


What I wouldn't do to have to work today.

Last year at this time... I was taking Boston to school.  Then working out with my dear trainer, Matt.

But then again. This isn't my first Monday.

It's a crazy vicious cycle.

You know what... I really can't wait till Wednesday!

I'm taking Boston..... all by myself... and we are heading to beautiful downtown Lancaster, Pa.

We're checking out lots and lots and lots of choochoos.  Did I mention LOTS of choo choos?

It's going to be 24 hrs of PURE fun!  I've been looking forward to this all summer.

And now... it's here.

Ok.  The day is looking up.  My kid is waking up.  I'm ready to tackle this 24 hrs HEAD ON.