Wow.  You ever just wake up some mornings going, what the heck happened last night?!?!?!

That's how I was this morning.  Not to mention-I had a 2 year old stinker laying next to me in bed putting his finger in my ear then giggling.  When it came time for him to put his finger in my NOSE...that was enough for me!

I don't know what's been going on with my sleep.  UGH.  It's been awful. 

Last night, I went to bed after spending a crazy amount of time moving 6,000 pictures from my laptop over to my hard drive... ((What a disaster that was!!))

I laid in bed.. for 2.. HOURS!!!!

My husband has a serious snoring problem.  Serious to me.  Not so much to him!

You would have thought a pack of bears were attacking my bedroom last night!!!

Then around 3am-the USUAL nightly routine.. my 2yo wakes up screaming.  And if you are a mom, you are well aware what name your kid screams in the middle of the night.  "MOM!!!!"

I seriously think my husband bribes him to call out my name!!

As I got going with my morning... I heard some awesome news-yet I'm trying to be cautious about my excitement.

I haven't had much luck lately.  ((Unless you count my new kitchen I won from Best Buy! ha))

Yeah.  That was awesome luck.  But at succeeding in my goals.  That's been quite the bust. 

Maybe it's cause summer is almost over.  Maybe it's cause I'm just now getting out of a funk. 

Maybe it's cause I miss working full-time.

Today is a great day.  I've played with Boston all day.  He's a sweetheart.