So excited about this show!  My 2 year old has been a fan of GabbaLand since he was like 3 months old!!

I can honestly sing every song ever made for the show.  And...I can NOT tell a lie... I love the music!!  The Roots, The Ting Tings...and so many more!  That's why I love the show.  It's hip.  Fun.  And cool enough for parents! ha.  I wanted to go to the show so bad when they came to NYC last fall...and missed it. But NOW...

THERE'S A PARTY IN MY CITY!  ((Ok.  Cheesy, I know.  ha.))

Listen to the interview I did with Biz Markie. 

It's so cute at the end.... he does a Biz & Boston's Beat of the Day. 

OH-and get your tix for the show at (There's a party in YOUR city!)

****HERE'S HOW TO WIN IT******

-Enjoy the interview with Biz Markie - and tell me:

Who is the actor that Biz is buddies with who is also a Philadelphian like Biz?!?!

Then leave a comment HERE and all the correct answers have a chance to WIN IT!

You'll win 4 AWESOME tix to Sunday August 29th 5pm at the Mann Center!!!

((The video pics are of Boston for his 1st birthday...I know.  My hubby looks dead sexy in that outfit.))