Kind of a weird story on how I found these.  I was at a blogger event in Lancaster that I put together and one of my friends, Elizabeth had these cute jeans on.  I said to her 'you're losing weight!' and she said 'no!  It's these awesome jeans I got in NYC while at Blogher!"

I also saw them in my friend Whitney's site.  She reminded me even MORE to check them out.  They looked awesome on her too. 

I went into FULL FLEDGED weight loss mode last February-and lost about 28 pounds since then.  I know.  Been MEGA slacking on #OperationSkinnyButt.  But we'll get to that later.

Anyway-I have a pair of skinny jeans that I know are too big.  (That's a GREAT FEELING, trust me-I'm not complaining! lol)  So on the site-I saw these.  I ONLY wear skinny jeans with boots.  I think women with bigger 'bottom halves' should NOT wear skinny jeans without tall boots.  I just think it looks awful-and even bigger than what you really are.

Well... I still won't wear these without boots cause I'm crazy self conscious of my mega thighs...but I have to say-they still don't look TOO bad.


I will tell you-it's sending me to their site to buy ANOTHER pair. 

The jeans are a bit pricey for some.  (The skinny's are $110 a pair).  BUT-you and I both know-if you feel good in a pair of jeans and not having severe muffintop-you'll wear them more!  And for me... I have about $1,000 of designer jeans from when I was completely immature and made stupid purchases  when we lived in Chicago.  They are all Joe's Jeans and I LOVE LOVE LOVED them on.  But my fat post baby bottom can't fit in them right now.


Sooooo.... with that being said-those jeans are in consignment and time for mama to buy more! ha

If you check out the site and order-they have free shipping and free returns. (for a limited time.)

Also-get 10% off with the coupon code:  "TakeTen" And according to Mommies With Style, you have until September 15th for the discount.

Cheers to #OperationSkinnyButt!